How to Get a Farmhouse Look in Your Home

When thinking of decorating and styling your home in a “Farmhouse” look, you want to start with a simple and practical mindset. This often comes with living the country life. Even if you’re not currently living on a farm, it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate like you are! So….Come on, pull up a chair and see what tips I have in store for YOU!

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Color Schemes

  • Look for soothing color combinations, natural elements, and texture.
  • Avoid dark or bright colors and also try to keep from painting each room a different color.
  • Choose a soft beige, cream, or even gray…it doesn’t have to be white. Having a light color on the walls sets the tone for the farmhouse look.
  • Keep the walls all within the same color scheme. It’s calming and helps blend everything together.
  • For more information on Color Schemes, see this post by Country Living.

Mixing up the Old and the New

Sometimes we just gotta think outside the basket. Incorporating some old items that you may already have is a big factor in farmhouse style. Things like…..

  • Burlap Sacs – As upholstery (or) window coverings
  • Old Flour sifter- As a vase
  • Baskets – For hanging, books, magazines and any other creative ideas you have!
  • Incorporating the old and using it in a practical sense is a big factor in farmhouse style.

Avoid Using Bright Colors

  • Try to avoid going all crazy with bright colors in your decor.
  • Neutral colors (especially with pillows) will help create more of a calming and cozy feel in your home.
  • Try to avoid using colors like red, orange, purple, etc.


  • Baskets (and bins) are a simple and easy way to get a rustic, farmhouse feel in your home. And there are so many possibilities! Try adding a few to the wall, or even using one to store a few pillows in your living room.
  • Here are a few of my favorites…..

Incorporate Natural Wood

  • Try adding wood in various forms into your decor for a more rustic, farmhouse look.
  • Try using old washboards and/or spindles for decorative decor.
  • Use old barn-wood to make a farmhouse style sign…..or as a shelf!

Farmhouse Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are a huge deal in farmhouse decor. They can make a gigantic difference in the overall style of a room.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope this helped give you a few ideas on how to get farmhouse style in your own home. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, I’m always happy to meet new friends!